Irene Davis

Very Impressive! My aunt lives here and she is very happy here. Always has her hair and nails done. Says that the food is wonderful.

Joseph Green

I am a civil engineer from San Jose, CA. My wife and I moved to Clovis, CA in 2007 to be closer to my mother who had contracted lung cancer. A few months after we moved here she developed respiratory complications that put her in the intensive care unit at Saint Agnes Medical Center. David Murchison was one of the nurses that cared for my mother. In all my life I have never enjoyed the pleasure of receiving care from someone as competent, caring and delightful as David. He was so attentive to every detail of what was going on with my mother. It was so obvious at every moment that he cared deeply for my mother and for all of the patients that he was responsible for. He always took the time to take care of the little details that so many others might have overlooked as insignificant or unimportant. My mom improved enough to be discharged from the hospital to a nursing home were she stayed for 100 days of rehabilitation. She was then discharged to an assisted living facility in Clovis, CA because she still needed help with bathing, dressing and reminders for taking her medication. She stayed in the assisted living facility until 2011 when her cancer progressed to stage 4 and she required hospice services. This is when we connected with David again. David had started working with the hospice organization that we elected to use and managed the care that we received. I thank my Father in Heaven for sending us David Murchison. He was always on top of things, always available when we needed him, and never too busy to spend the time with us that we needed. My mom was comfortable and as alert as possible as her life came to a close because of the care that we received through David. David and my family have remained in touch since my mother’s passing. When I learned that David was opening an assisted living facility in Clovis for the elderly I was so excited because I knew that it would be amazing. He never does anything half way. He always puts his whole self into everything he does. I have had the opportunity to visit the facility and true to form it is very impressive. I would recommend A Place Called Home Residential Care to anyone. As long as David is operating it you can rest assured that your loved one is getting the best care possible. I understand he is licensed to provide hospice care, dementia care, Alzheimer’s care, memory loss care, and care for seniors who just need assistance with activities of daily living.

Frank Robinson

Wow, I don't know what else to say. What a great place. Everybody has been so wonderful. Excellent care, excellent food, excellent people, excellent place!

Carol Witham

Before choosing A Place Called Home for our Mom we reviewed several other facilities. None other measured up to David's home. Our Mom was cared for in a professional, respectful and loving manner during her short stay there. We highly recommend A Place Called Home.

Philip Graham

The most important things I would like to convey here is how much I feel at home when I am in this home. Unlike many facilities that find the cheapest items possible to fill space, this place is very tastefully furnished, including a 42- to 47-inch flat screen TV hanging in every fully and elegantly furnished bedroom. Certification allows them to care for seniors with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss. A well developed relationship with local home health and hospice organizations facilitates care for residents who require varying degrees of medical care. Doctors and physical therapists visit to check on residents as needed. The owner, David, a very impressive person, worked for years in the local medical ICU at Saint Agnes and in the ER at Fresno Community Regional Medical Center trauma center. David dedicated himself, in most recent years, to providing care for hospice patients throughout the central valley. This endeavor afforded ample opportunities to visit many of the assisted living facilities in Fresno, Clovis and surrounding areas. He created A Place Called Home Residential Care because he recognized a great need for better care for seniors unable to care for themselves as effectively as they once were. I recommend A Place Called Home Residential Care to everyone who has a loved one that deserves really good care. David took care of my mother as a hospice nurse and I have never experienced such compassion and attention to detail from any individual in all my life. He is one-of-a-kind. If someone you love is in need of this kind of care, this is where I would take him or her. They are the best of the best.