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Alzheimer’s Assisted Living
Alzheimer’s Assisted Living

Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Service

There are some Alzheimer’s care preparations that are best done sooner rather than later. It may be hard to consider these questions at first, as it means thinking about a time when your loved one is already well down the road of his or her Alzheimer’s journey. However, putting preparations in place early helps a smoother transition for everyone. Depending on the stage of diagnosis, include the senior with Alzheimer’s in the decision-making process as much as possible. If their dementia is at a more advanced stage, at least try to act on what their wishes would be.

Alzheimer's care

Our Alzheimer’s care team provides a range of services which complement our person-centered approach to senior care. The team provides support to seniors living with all Alzheimer’s disease, their families & care takers.

A safe and warm environment

We care for senior people with Alzheimer’s in our residences in Clovis, CA with a loving, warm and personable atmosphere where each individual is treated with dignity and professionalism. Our homes concept means that seniors with Alzheimer’s experience life in a less clinical and more normalized, familiar way. Our homes also bring a sense of community, so important for a senior with Alzheimer’s.